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Written by Noah G. on Thursday May 7, 2020

Who should read ProvocaTeach?

If you’ve ever found yourself appalled at the resemblance between school and the Department of Motor Vehicles, this blog is for you.

At ProvocaTeach we believe that, whether you’re a teacher or a student, surviving school should not mean sacrificing your conscience, independence, or sense of humor.

What’s ProvocaTeach about?

ProvocaTeach tries to uncover how we can make school a more humane place for students and educators. I tackle this question both on the macro-scale (e.g. fixing the pension system) and the micro-scale (e.g. stories from my own teaching journey).

In the past, I have written about:

Why should I read ProvocaTeach instead of some other education blog?

You can read the others too! However, ProvocaTeach includes a variety of content forms:

  • Essays

  • Rigorous policy analysis

  • Parodies

  • Book reviews

  • Personal anecdotes

  • Cartoons

Starting 2020 April 16, all my thumbnails are original drawings.

In particular, ProvocaTeach is not a how-to blog for teachers. I doubt I will ever publish something called “5 Unexpected Uses for Your Whiteboard” (except maybe as a parody). My day job is teaching; after I go home, I just want to make art and get on my soapbox.

Who are you?

I’m Noah. I’m a licensed math teacher, and I graduated from Carleton College in 2019 with a B.A. in mathematics and minor in educational studies.

I’m interested! Where should I start?

Start by subscribing to the email list! You’ll be first in line to receive the upcoming ProvocaTeach manifesto – for free.

After that, read some of my pieces! I highly recommend “The Playful Magic of Humor in Education”.